What to Expect:

What to expect on my first visit?

When you visit one of our clinics for the first time, you will be required to fill in some paperwork giving us details about yourself, your medical condition and a brief medical history. This is why we usually ask you to arrive 5 minutes before your treatment to complete this prior to your appointment.

What to bring?

  • Be sure to bring any doctor’s referrals, hospital discharge summaries, scans, xrays or other paperwork associated with your condition for which you are seeking treatment.
  • Cash or EFTPOS card (we can only accept American Express at our Wembley clinic)
  • Private health fund card
  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothing or sports clothing

How long is an appointment?

  • Initial appointments- 45 minutes- assessment and treatment
  • Subsequent appointment- 30 minutes
  • Extended appointment/ clinical pilates appointment- 45 minutes

What happens during my first visit?

Once you have completed your paperwork- the practitioner will take you through to a treatment room, discuss your treatment needs, conduct a series of assessments to gauge your capabilities and then begin treatment with you during your first appointment.

Depending on the nature of your condition, your practitioner will combine a variety of evidence based treatment methods to treat you and return you to optimum health as soon as possible. This may include soft tissue work, mobilisation techniques, dry needing or an exercise program either for at home, in the gym or on the reformer (bed with moveable parts and springs to strengthen specific muscle groups).

At the end of your initial appointment the practitioner will discuss with you the recommended treatment plan, when you should return for a follow up appointment (for acute conditions our practitioners usually recommend a follow up appointment within a week) and will take your treatment plan from there.

Depending on your condition and progress, we will be able to recommend the number of visits in order to get on top of the situation as well as recommend any other complimentary (not free) treatment methods you may benefit from such as chiropractic or remedial massage.

What health insurance do you accept?

We are a preferred provider for Medibank at all of our clinics and a preferred provider for Bupa in Innaloo (physio and chiro) and Ellenbrook (chiro only) and are able to process your health fund claim on the spot through our HICAPS machine. You then pay us the gap payment which usually leaves you with low or no out of pocket expense- depending on your level of health fund cover.

We are also able to accept Enhanced Primary Care Programs from your GP, DVA patients, Motor Vehicle Accident claims and Worker’s Compensation claims.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to being treatment?

No. In Western Australia you do not require a doctor’s referral but if you have one, please bring it to your appointment.

Does Medicare cover the physiotherapy treatment?

No- Medicare does not cover ‘ancillary’ services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or remedial massage therapy, however you may be able to get an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) depending on your eligibility. These are plans recommended to you by your GP and can give you up to 5 treatments paid for by Medicare. (Maximum of 5 treatments per 12 months and only for chronic conditions)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 9383 7883

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