About Us

Wembley Physiotherapy is part of the Complete Care brand providing you with physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic services to the West Australian Community.

Wembley Physiotherapy is THE place for physiotherapy because in our care, you are not just another patient- we tailor our treatments to suit your specific needs. We will provide you with exceptional treatment and better health outcomes which is at the very heart of our mission. We value your time and therefore make sure our treatments include such methods as hands-on therapy, massage, dry needling or manual therapy- according to your personal needs and goals.

Our mission is that every patient leaves our clinic happier, armed with more knowledge about their body and closer to their health goals.

Our Philosophy

At Wembley Physiotherapy we believe that a narrow focus equals narrow results. Our treatment style is all about getting to the root cause of your pain in order to treat the boy holistically, not just treat the source of pain.

Our team of highly-skilled physiotherapists believe there are multiple aspects to each person’s health which governs their level of physical function or dysfunction. In order to treat the patient they look at the body as a whole and treat it as a whole.

You will experience a careful assessment, evidence-based approach and focused individualised treatment. Furthermore, our team’s relaxed and empathetic approach means you are getting the best possible treatment assisting you in getting back to optimum health as soon as possible.

To find out more information or schedule an appointment, please contact our office to have your enquiry addressed today.

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