Back Pain

Back pain is a centuries old condition that has afflicted the lives of many since the dawn of time. Even cavemen, cavewomen and children had back pain and they had no help to think of. It is estimated that eighty percent of us would be likely to experience back pain at some stage during a lifetime. At Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic we work with other health professionals in Perth such as Perth chiropractors, massage therapists and other specialists as part of a team to help our patients recover from back pain. Our Perth Physiotherapy treatment for back pain combined with chiropractic treatment for back pain has yielded great results for patients as part of EPC plans, Workers compenation and injury rehab for members of the local community.

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Back Pain Treatment

When treating back pain, Physiotherapists will initially focus their treatment for acute back pain on reducing inflammation around the structures and tissues that may be damaged by trauma or degeneration. An example of this style of physiotherapy for back pain may be when there’s a disc protrusion and / or sciatica causing nerve inflammation and sensory disturbance. Physiotherapists knowledge about acute management of inflammation helps speed the recovery process when directed early on in many instances of back pains. Physiotherapists know that the effects on physical function tend to match the inflammatory process and they use techniques aimed towards reducing it. Physiotherapy techniques for back pain treatment can help improve function, decrease pain and improve symptoms in may cases. Physiotherapists can also use other methods of mobilization to help restore some movement back into the joints of the spine. Read More »

Back Pain Exercises

A good, well structured and properly delivered stretching program designed by your physio is an essential component of back rehab programs at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic. Basic and more challenging back exercises can help relieve back spasm and pain in the lower back. Physiotherapists at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic provide exercises to relieve back spasm, helping to mobilize the spine and keep the lower back healthy. Stretches for back pain can often provide immediate back pain relief done correctly and as specified by your Wembley physio. Read More »

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a world-wide phenomenon, hurts a lot, costs a lot and interferes with routine daily living. Those that have experienced neck pain understand that it needs a lot of complementary therapy, including physiotherapy to help speed recovery. However our Perth physio clinic also addresses the route cause of the symptoms and provides ways to prevent further bouts of pains in the neck with specific rehabiltation exercises. Our International Physiotherapy clinics in Perth and London help provide patients with structured exercises and recovery plans to manage neck pain effectively. Headaches It’s triggering factors are many and its symptoms can range from minor discomfort to severe and debilitating. Neck pain has been linked with headaches for some. There need not be any warning before a bout of neck pain or onset of a headache and it often begins after little or no activity, like after waking up in the morning. Read More »

Neck Pain Exercises

The importance of neck exercises cannot be overlooked and it’s never more important than during a rehab program following injury or trauma. A physiotherapist is expertly placed to provide the perfect rehab strengthening and conditioning program for neck pain. Read More »

Knee Pain

The Knee joint is a common site of injury, it is the central pivotal joint in the lower extremity acting like a hinge. It is designed to go back and forth in a swinging pendulum like motion like when we walk. The knee joints are “asked” to do a lot more than that however, especially during sports activities. Running places extra stress throughout the lower extremity, around 4 to 5 times more load is placed through the knees each time the foot makes contact with the ground. Knee pain can be aused by a wide range of issues including cartilage tears, ACL strains or tears, Memisceal tears and other complicated knee injuries. Read More »

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendonitis is a painful condition that can be debilitating, preventing normal ambulation and can detrimentally affect normal activities of daily living. At Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic our physiotherapists diagnose and provide physical therapies for heel pain, calf pain /strain and Achilles pain.

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