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Knee Braces, Supports and Rehab at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic, Wembley Downs, Floreat, Perth, WA (08) 9383 7883


Knee braces, knee supports and tapes are essential in many post-knee management programs requiring physiotherapy. At Wembley Physiotherapy clinic we go above and beyond by not only providing first class physiotherapy, but also by offering our patients and the wider community access to helpful products and advice about ways to manage knee pain.

Knee braces can be effective in limiting motion and taking some ofthe wieght and load off the damaged structure. This is important for people waiting to have surgery allowing them to ambulate / walk or move around with less pain. Knee braces are also useful in helping to protect the structures in anad around the knee from damage while undergoing physio rehab exercises to strengthen the knee.

There are a wide range or knee supports, braces and straps that are available and they can also be ordered in when necessary.

So Please call and ask for help ad advice at wembley Physiotherapy Clinic, Wembley Downs, Perth, WA (08) 9383 7883

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