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A time for reflection on modern delivery of allied health care

The world is changing and technology has developed at such a pace that it’s getting progressively harder to keep up with new developments, not least in health. A growing trend with Perth physiotherapy clinics has been the move to comprehensive co-management involving a range of health disciplines.

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Embracing different allied health professionals in Perth Physiotherapy Clinics

To link different clinics providing different services with a definitive co-management framework brings diversity and greater choice. Patient co-management is designed to better streamline new patient needs requiring different health professional services while keeping independence between different professions.

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Greater choice of care in Perth Physiotherapy Clinics (08) 9383 7883

Perth Physiotherapy clinics that adopt a co-management system may provide a wider choice in patient care and may save on time by simplifying the referral network. For example, different Perth physiotherapy clinics, chiropractic clinics and massage clinics that refer to each other and develop co-management systems may help improve communication between health professionals. Co-management may provide a greater diversity in patient choice of care, perhaps reflecting on a positive outcome.

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Examples of everyday circumstances where private allied health professionals work in teams including Perth physiotherapy clinics, chiropractic clinics and massage clinics:

Being part of the team care arrangements in:

  • (DVA)Department of Veteran Affairs
  • (EPC) Medicare Approved Chronic Disease Enhanced Primary Care Plans
  • (ICWA) Insurance Commission of Western Australia case management of injuries sustained at work
  • Sports teams, clubs and individual athletes
  • Private health clubs and public sports centres
  • Private and Public golf courses
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Perth Physiotherapy clinics, chiropractic clinics and massage clinics importance of communication

Giving patients more choice in choosing different health professionals including Perth Physiotherapy clinics, chiropractic clinics and massage clinics is important because every patient deserves the best available services at any given time. Communication is what makes the difference and enriches our lives with valuable learning experiences. Communication carries everyone including allied health professionals forward. Communication keeps everyone abreast with advancements in health over time and has potential to improve patient care and satisfaction.

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At Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic we provide allied health services, co-management systems with other health professionals at other clinics and the DVA, EPC and ICWA for different patient management programs.

If you are looking for a modern open and friendly Perth Physiotherapy Clinic that embraces change and communication between all allied health professionals including chiropractic clinics and massage clinics then call us at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic (08)9383 7883.