Back Pain Exercises

Back exercises – Stretches for Back pain at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic

Back stretches

Back stretches at Wembley Physio clinic
Back stretches at Perth Physio clinics

A good, well structured and properly delivered stretching program designed by one of our physiotherapists is an essential component of our back rehab programs provided at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic. Basic and more challenging back exercises can help relieve back spasm and pain in the lower back.

Back exercises classes at Wembley Physio clinic
Physio classes for back pain and strength

Physiotherapists at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic provide exercises to relieve back spasm, helping to mobilize the spine and keep the lower back healthy. Stretches for back pain can often provide immediate back pain relief done correctly and as specified by your Wembley physio.

Exercises for back pain in Perth

Back exercises* (The following exercises are not intended for public use, they are an example of standard stretches provided to patients at Wembley Physiotherapy Clinic and are intended for our patients where indicated by their physio).

The Lower Back and Glute Stretch

How to stretch the lower back and bottom

1. Lie on your back, cross one ankle over the opposite knee and pull towards you 2. Hold the stretch in a “comfortable” position for 30 seconds 3. Repeat the same stretch on the opposite side 4. Do each side three times, as often as you can every day to help relieve back pain and loosen the tight lower back muscles

Stretches to relieve back pain

Side muscles including the Lats, Q-L and obliques respond well to specific and well directed stretching aimed at lengthening the tight muscles and relieving the spasm.

1. Sit on a chair, place hands above head and bend the elbows. Hold each elbow with the opposite hand. 2. Slowly and under control side bend to one side while keeping the buttocks on the seat. As you bend in a “pain free” direction sideways stop when you feel a stretch and breath into it slowly. 3. Take care not to overstretch or sneeze. Slowly return back to the starting position and bend slowly and under control to the opposite side. Repeat three times and hold each stretch for 20 seconds.

The Latissimus Dorsi – The Lats

The lower back stretch for the external hip rotators including the piriformis

How to stretch the buttocks and piriformis

1. Sit on the floor, hold one knee and pull it up towards your chest 2. Then hold the foot or shoe with the other hand as you pull even closer towards yourself 3. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat three times each side

How to strengthen the Lower back. Lower back raises

1. Lie on the floor mat face down 2. Slowly lift the head, shoulders and chest off the floor and hold for 5 seconds. 3. Slowly lower and return back to the floor and then repeat 8 times

Back exercises-Strengthening the lower back, Quadratus – Lumborum exercises

How to do the exercises for the Q-L

1. Lying on your side with knees slightly bent and resting on the elbow 2. Push the hips up off the floor and hold for 10-20 seconds. This exercise helps strengthen the lower back and Q-L

Mobilisation for the lower back

1. Lie on your back with arms straight at the sides at shoulder level and knees bent feet flat on floor. 2. Keeping one leg bent and the other leg straight, slowly let the legs drop to one side and feel a gentle stretch 3. Keep the stretch/ mobilize th lower back and pelvis and then change to the opposite side.